Another Dose of Transparency.

24 Day Challenge.  Failed.

I could list excuse after excuse on why I fell apart in the last 10 days of my challenge, and I am sure some of you would say… That’s life, $hit happens.  And I appreciate it, but that is the excuse that got me up to 280 around this time last year.  I rocked the first 15 days of my challenge like no other.  Dropped 14 pounds on the cleanse phase and then BOOM.  Stopped tracking my food, stopped tracking my steps/workouts (my fitbit broke, I feel that is aiding in this, excuse.)

I talked early in this blog about Transparency and how I would share my struggles and triumphs, so here ya go.  I think I ignored this place for the last 24 days because I REALLY wanted to write about how badass I was for dropping over 20 pounds on my challenge.  I ended up losing right at 7 pounds.

Summer is coming.  Some really cool possibilities are happening for my family and I.  My wife’s business is exploding.  Things are good.  One bad stretch of nutrition won’t set me back, but it will stick with me as some motivation.

Throughout this process I ‘competed’ in my first Crossfit Open… This week I will talk about my trip through these WODs and what I learned about myself through the whole thing.



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  1. Brian Certain

    Thanh you Justin for “keeping it real”. We have all had setbacks (mine was last week) but it’s what you do when that happens. John Maxwell says “failure is simply the price we pay to achieve success”. So what did I do. I shook it off ( sounds like it took a moment but it actually took a week) and set out to prove that I have made a difference in my physical well being in the last 2 months. I made a appointment to re-do my initial workout. You know the one that I sucked major wind on And paid the pain price for 5 days afterward. I went out and kicked that person that I was a$$. Talk about making a statement. Not only was faster and stronger but did 50% more work in 52 seconds faster. If I had not no reped myself 4 times it would have been that much better. So my take away, put the past failure where it deserve to be, in the trash heap, and keep telling yourself “you got this”, keep hustling.

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