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Style and a “Non-Fat” Justin

I fully expect to get completely flamed from my buddies on this post but whatever.

Is it bad that I am looking forward to changing my “style” once I get to my goal weight?  I haven’t been buying clothes because I am not finished losing weight and I don’t want to have to keep buying stuff.  I am a teacher yo, we aren’t millionaires.

So, it kind of hit me when one of my student’s asked if they could start calling me Coach.  I asked why full expected some ridiculous answer, but they said… All of my other coaches were Khaki pants and College Polo shirts, you look like my baseball coach and Coach is easier than Mr. Dearing (cue ridiculous answer).

I have always been a little reluctant to wear more adventurous (that sounded like I was going to wear a bedazzled shirt or something) style of clothes because of my size.  I am “blessed” with a body style that features THICKNESS.  I wouldn’t call myself fat… anymore… but I am still working towards the goal.

I would wear ties more, dressier clothes, sports coats and other more trendy clothes.

We had the option to wear shorts to school the last week of work and while most of the teachers went with the shorts and a t-shirt or the ever popular and ridiculous hawaiian shirt, I went and tried to recreate a cheaper version of an outfit I saw.  Colored shorts, Red Oxford shirt and some boat shoes… Thought I did ok, definitely an upgrade from my cargos and a Sons of Anarchy or Crossfit shirt.

Same kid that asked to call me Coach said I looked like I graduated college but not the fraternity… Can’t win I guess.




A few weeks back, I took on my first Memorial Day Murph.  This WOD is dedicated to Navy Seal Lt. Michael Murphy, who was killed in action on June 28th, 2005.  For those of you who have seen/read Lone Survivor, it’s the Lt. Murphy from that movie.

Our box did ONE class on Memorial Day and we had 25-30 people show up.  We started the class off by watching a video about Lt. Murphy.  You could feel the mood in the room change from our usual lighthearted, fun style of workout to a very serious and somber mood.  This was a big deal.

Murph is a Hero WOD, a signature WOD in Crossfit.  It’s a book-end WOD.  A mile at the front and then finish it off with another mile, but in between we got the privilege to do 100 pull-ups, 200 pushups and 300 air squats.  Less than a year ago I couldn’t do one pull up.  Could I do 100 pullups? Not too sure.

It was my wife’s first workout back after her injury and she picked a heck of one to jump back in on.  She did a half Murph, and she KILLED it.  Was she sore for a week?  Yes, but she finished and even jumped in with one of her girls for their last mile to make sure they finished.  Beast.


I’m in the green looking like a dead guy hanging from a bar.

3,2,1… Go.  The first mile wasn’t bad.  I got into the box and started scaling the mountain ahead of me.  Could I do 100 pull ups?  I would find out 10 at a time.  During the Regional events, Rich Froning claimed one of the events took him “to a dark place he never likes going, and he has to fight hard to get out”… Murph took me there.  FAST.  I broke the workout up into 10,15,20 of the PUs, Push-Ups and Squats.  Excuses could easily fill this area… We just got home from a weekend at Regionals where the food wasn’t healthy and the beer was good, the box felt like a sweatshop, but none of those really would make this not SUCK as bad as it was sucking.


I took off on my last mile, that looked alot like a guy walking home in shame after getting his butt kicked, and crossed the finish line in 60 minutes and 58 seconds.  My goal was under an hour.  Was I mad?  Not really.

It really was an honor to get to do this workout with my wife and tons of my friends in honor of a REAL Hero.  One of the toughest hours of my life, but can’t really compare to the life of a soldier.

Can I do 100 pull ups?  Hell Yes I can.


Memorial Day Murph 2014 – Crossfit Fervor