At the beginning of 2013, Jon Acuff, who I frequently mention here on this site started two different challenges.  a #30Days of Hustle challenge, that aids in achieving your goals and also the #EmptyShelf challenge.

Empty a shelf in your house somewhere. Every book you read from now until December 31, 2014 goes on the shelf. (Waiting until January 1st to do something awesome is stupid and fake.) At the end of the year, I guarantee you will have read more than you did in 2013. Best of all, you’re scientifically more likely to accomplish something when you have people working on it with you.  –excerpt from Acuff.me

Anyways, I may be the worlds slowest reader but I took the challenge.  I am looking for suggestions on books to read.  Tweet me @dearing22 and give me some suggestions (use #emptyshelf, so everyone can see them).  I like reading books that help you accomplish your goals, fun reads, fitness (crossfit) books, and just about anything.  I read slow like I said so it will be a bit between reviews.

Currently Reading:  The Gospel according to Breaking Bad

Next up: Becoming a Supple Leopard

Read in 2014: Allegiant – Veronice Roth
Inside The Box – TJ Murphy

(This is where I post a picture of my empty shelf, but I live with a women who can read a book in 4 minutes, so they are all full… we are working on that)


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