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Day 1

I have mentioned before that I am a strong believer in the Advocare product line.  We are distributors and we are most definitely ‘users’ of the products.  With that being said today I begin my 5th Advocare 24 day.  My previous results have been awesome, but with work, a young kid and just general laziness old habits creep back into play on a daily basis.  I begin this journey at almost 280 pounds and I have gotten as low as 237.  I am starting this challenge 10 pounds heavier than my lowest weight, and 5 pounds over where I was when I had to finished my last challenge.

My stats going into this challenge are:

Weight: 246.2

Measurements:  Chest: 48 in – Waist:44 in – Hips: 43 in – Thigh: 24 in

This will be my first full challenge (we ended the last one early because of illness) while doing Crossfit and running this blog.  I plan on posting occasionally about how it is going.  I have an intense plan for this challenge.  This will be the best results I have gotten.  I will be getting 4-5 workouts in a week, doing extra ab work after each workout (unless the workout was an ab wrecker already, cough cough Annie), I am going to start running a few times a week as well, whether it is to and from the gym or a planned run/5k, I will be dominating this challenge.

Anyone want to jump on this with my wife and I?  I know a guy that can get you the hook up. Ha.


P.S – Sorry about the topless pictures of myself.  Gotta start somewhere.



Over the last three years, I have realized that getting to the gym and eating right is about way more than losing weight, getting a six-pack and meeting hot chicks.  That was my mentality about fitness up until I met my wife.  I had a membership to one of the local franchise gyms, I wasn’t ever on a diet although I didn’t just let myself eat everything in site, and I only saw it as a social event with friends with the potential of lifting enough weight to impress someone.

This picture made me think WHOA.

This picture made me think WHOA.

I was active all through high school playing many sports, but never was the best at any of them.  I could easily rattle of a 5000 word blog post about my battle with weight and self confidence, but I want to focus on what fitness and eating right does for me now as an adult, as a husband, and as a father.  Just after marrying my wife, I had the opportunity of shooting pictures at my cousin Ashley’s wedding, of course since I am her favorite, she made me come from behind the camera and take a picture with her.  This picture, quite honestly, disgusted me.  Don’t get me wrong, she looked great but the lumpy dude next to her with the 5 chins needed some work.  The idea of being a healthy father started to really get me thinking, and when I turned 29, knowing that we were planning on starting a family eventually, I set a goal of being “Fit by 30”.  Little did I know that “eventually” would mean Caty was pregnant less than 6 months later, but still it was time.

K was born and both my wife and decided it was time to get serious.  I was already working out but the eating was on point at all.  We decided to try the Advocare challenge and had great success and still use their products to this day.  I was noticing immediately that a healthier me, was a happier me, and a happier me made the world a little more easy.  

Beast Mode.

You will hear me talk about Crossfit a lot on the blog.  I was introduced to ‘the cult’ 9 months ago and the way I viewed working out changed.  It doesn’t matter how bad the day is, if I can get in a workout at the end of the day I get to let go of frustration and anger of some of the things that get thrown at us.  My wife just asked me if I remember when I used to never work out… That’s how much things have changed.  I feel like today, while I am not at my goal, I am currently the best version of me.  My wife has gone from asking me if I am going to start working out, to noticing if I miss more than a day or two.

My goal in fitness for 2014 is to continue to chase my fitness goals whether it is a PR on a lift or a number on a scale (which oddly enough doesn’t mean as much to me as it used to).  My second fitness goal is to help others find their potential and start their journey.

What’s your 2014 Fitness Goal?