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Crossfit Games Open – 14.3

5 Weeks.  5 WODs.  

Disclaimer:  I am not an elite Crossfit athlete, there was never a time in this competition that a shot a regionals was even remotely on my radar, but I did have goals set for myself for where I wanted to fall in our box and nationally (basically not last like that one competition I talked about).

The Crossfit Open is a chance for everyone to compete in the same competition and see where they rank in the world.  I paid my $20 Dollars and I build a profile on  I want to take you through the journey of each WOD over the next week or so and then sum up where I ended up and more importantly what I learned about myself in this competition.



This is the WOD I was hoping for, something that would give me an advantage.  I love lifting heavy.  I hear Castro say we were going to get heavy and I was ready.  Then he said you had 8 minutes to get there while mixing in some box jumps.  NOT COOL.

I made it 18 reps into the 275 pound round.  The box jumps/step ups were a good break to catch my breathe and recoup from the lift.  My 1RM for deadlift is over 400 pounds, but I’ll be damned if that 275 pound bar didn’t feel like it was 500 pounds on that first rep.  I loved this one.  I felt confident going in and coming out of this one.

Best part of the WOD would be the little kids outside the box screaming with me when I was in my last round of deadlifts.