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Punching Bags

There is a group on Facebook that was an off-shoot of one of the Jon Acuff challenge groups that I participate in that has started up.  It’s a group for men, where we can be transparent about family stuff, man stuff and God stuff.  The topics range from good books to how to mask a fart at the gym… I was asking for a friend by the way…

Anyways a few weeks back one of the guys posted a question about punching bags.  More specifically, he asked if any of the other men feel like punching bags because we caught crap because of how the media portrays men, husbands and fathers.  Many of the guys agree that men are portrayed as drunk, lazy husbands that don’t care to much about their wives and kids, and genuinely seem to hate their life.

There were quite a few responses on if the way media portrays men is legit.  There were some guys that thought it was true because they know some guys that just don’t take part in anything.  They work, They eat, they sleep.  Others took it as complete disrespect.  These men are out fighting for their families on a daily basis.  They are working.  They come home and play with their kids.  They date their wives.  They go to bed exhausted every night because they know just because they clocked out at work, they are now clocking into the real job.

I don’t know why thinking about this the last week or so has me so fired up, but it does.  Men need to step up and show that they are not the beer drinking, remote controlling, “get off my lawn” morons that we are portrayed as on the TV.  Rick Grimes in the Walking Dead is LITERALLY fighting for his family… against crazy zombies.  Walter White cooked meth to sav… ok thats not a good example. There are some good ones out there.  Ignore the Homer Simpson’s and Dexter Morgan’s out there…

I hope my friends, coworkers but most importantly my wife and kid know that I am out there fighting for them everyday.  I am not the best at it and sure as heck get tired and need a break but it is for them.  I am not Homer Simpson.

What is one thing you can do to prove that you aren’t the man that the TV claims you are today?