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Step Back.

As a high school video production teacher, my students are always working on projects in groups.  Within those groups you have the same dynamic as you did back when I was in school. The cast of characters hasn’t changed:  The kid that doesn’t do anything, the kid who does everything, the helpless helpers, and the one that wants all the credit.

Sometimes in relationships, the guy like the be the one that looks like the champion.  The guys make the money, build stuff, fix stuff, decide stuff… The guy is in the spotlight more often than not.  I think deep down I enjoy having the spotlight on me.  We have a cute kid, that I personally think looks just like her momma, but 99% of the rest of the world’s population think that she is a duplicate version of mini-Justin.  I know it drives my wife nuts, but I feel good about it.  Granted I don’t go around talking or bragging about it, but I secretly enjoy that the girl who is “so sticking cute” looks like me.

All that being said as men, we need to step back and let the ladies shine.  This week is an opportunity for me to step back and let my wife shine.  February and March are by far the most ridiculous months of the year for me at my job.  We compete almost weekly in competitions and it requires late nights, long trips away from home and stress… lots of stress.  Last year was tough on my wife because I did all this only a month or so after K was born.  She had to pull her weight and then some very frequently last year during this time.  Well, that time is back.  I am at the school until late every night working with kids, and my wife left town for 4 days yesterday.  She has the opportunity to sit down and work with one of the top wedding photographers in the industry this week.  She has been busting her butt to build a photography company, and this will just be the next launching pad for her.  So I will assume the responsibility of taking care of 60+ high school kids, taking care of a 1 year old, eating (hopefully) and just all the everyday things we usually split in order for her to have her time to shine.

I am so proud of her, and I know she will take this opportunity and use it.

How can you step back this week and let your significant other shine this week?