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Style and a “Non-Fat” Justin

I fully expect to get completely flamed from my buddies on this post but whatever.

Is it bad that I am looking forward to changing my “style” once I get to my goal weight?  I haven’t been buying clothes because I am not finished losing weight and I don’t want to have to keep buying stuff.  I am a teacher yo, we aren’t millionaires.

So, it kind of hit me when one of my student’s asked if they could start calling me Coach.  I asked why full expected some ridiculous answer, but they said… All of my other coaches were Khaki pants and College Polo shirts, you look like my baseball coach and Coach is easier than Mr. Dearing (cue ridiculous answer).

I have always been a little reluctant to wear more adventurous (that sounded like I was going to wear a bedazzled shirt or something) style of clothes because of my size.  I am “blessed” with a body style that features THICKNESS.  I wouldn’t call myself fat… anymore… but I am still working towards the goal.

I would wear ties more, dressier clothes, sports coats and other more trendy clothes.

We had the option to wear shorts to school the last week of work and while most of the teachers went with the shorts and a t-shirt or the ever popular and ridiculous hawaiian shirt, I went and tried to recreate a cheaper version of an outfit I saw.  Colored shorts, Red Oxford shirt and some boat shoes… Thought I did ok, definitely an upgrade from my cargos and a Sons of Anarchy or Crossfit shirt.

Same kid that asked to call me Coach said I looked like I graduated college but not the fraternity… Can’t win I guess.