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Crossfit Open 2014 – 14.1

5 Weeks.  5 WODs.  

Disclaimer:  I am not an elite Crossfit athlete, there was never a time in this competition that a shot a regionals was even remotely on my radar, but I did have goals set for myself for where I wanted to fall in our box and nationally (basically not last like that one competition I talked about).

The Crossfit Open is a chance for everyone to compete in the same competition and see where they rank in the world.  I paid my $20 Dollars and I build a profile on  I want to take you through the journey of each WOD over the next week or so and then sum up where I ended up and more importantly what I learned about myself in this competition.



I came home from my 5 o’clock workout the night of the release and set up my Apple TV to watch my first Open Release show.  It was kind of cheesy and “UFC-ey”, but I’d be lying if I wasn’t just in shock of what the athletes were doing in the showdown.  Dave Castro announced the WOD, I felt somewhat confident about the WOD because the snatches were light and I have been working on DUs for months now after the pitiful show at the Garage Games in January.  I went to work, ate perfectly, drank my spark, and showed up to the workout.

Then my coach said 3,2,1 GO….

Boom.  DUs were nowhere to be found.  Couldn’t string together more than about 3 or 4 for the first few rounds.  The Snatches weren’t easy but they weren’t the bad.  My goal of 5 rounds seemed pretty much shot after the first round ended.  Then, the snatches got heavy fast.  The struggle was real.  I made it through my third round with 30 or 35 seconds on the clock and BOOM 26 unbroken DUs.

Totally pissed me off.

This WOD showed me a few things.  I get antsy when the clock starts.  I get frustrated easily.  My coach knows how to get my mind right mid-WOD by saying certain things.

Weakness revealed in 14.1 – DAMN DUs.

I liked this one overall, would love to hit it on a day when my DUs were going my way.